Why are Japanese skincare lotions getting so popular internationally like this?

Do you know that “Gokujun (super-moisture) Hyaluronic Lotion” of Hada (skin) Lab is also getting popular internationally?

So-called “Petit Plus Cosmetics” are typical cosmetics cheap (price-plus) and of high quality; consumers overseas also highly evaluate them as “attracted to them, using them every night” or “Hada Lab’s products being a must-have for women”.

Exports of Japanese cosmetics are on the rise.

According to Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, the annual exports of Japanese cosmetics reached 267.6 billion yen in 2016, exceeding the imports for the first time; recorded 371.6 billion yen in 2017, a 38.9% increase compared to the previous year, the historical record. In addition, makers are starting to sell products characterized with Japan-specific cultures, actively trying to secure international customers.


Let us see the reasons why Japanese cosmetics are highly reputed.

# The reason why Japanese cosmetics are highly reputed: high quality of products made in Japan

Japanese corporations successful in global businesses are ones with cosmetics popular in Japan such as Fancl, Kose, or Nevia; on the other hand, Japanese traditional products such as oil -blotting facial paper or rouges that make your lips slightly brighter than usual lipsticks are popular, too. In fact, Japanese products are highly reputed for their high quality as “soft to your skin and comfortable to use as hard to wear off after use”, with some coming over to Japan just for the purpose of purchasing them.

# The reason why Japanese cosmetics are highly reputed: high quality of products made in Japan

Written out frequently in reviews on Japanese cosmetics is about their prices with the word-of-mouth comments such as: “The outstanding aspect among all of this product is priced just $12 for 170mm.”, “Almost same as the price people are paying for ordinary skincare products.” While Japanese high-end brands are also circulating internationally, low-priced cosmetics you can buy at convenience stores / drug stores seem to be even popular.

# Why are Japanese skincare lotions so popular internationally.

As mentioned above, Japanese cosmetics products are popular on the ground that “they are both of high quality and cheap”. These factors may be related to the traditional reputations toward Japan concerning its manufacturing industries such as automobile or electronic appliance.

However, there may be other reasons why Japanese cosmetics are so popular internationally, too.

Hada Lab’s “Hada Lab Gokujun” is praised as “being like a magic” also in overseas media.

“People have made a judgement that they have found the ‘holy grail’ (the very best) in skincare products. What they call as ‘lotion’ in Japan, this product named ‘Hada Lab Gokujun Lotion’ has received fanatic popularity online by bringing forth the obvious difference to your skin. Lauding comments dedicated to “Hada Lab Gokujun Lotion” or related blogs even involve voices that using it will even change your life; thus, not using Japanese lotions means a loss in your life.”


(Hada Labo: The £8 Japanese face lotion being called the holy grail | The Independent, summarized)


This is about the difference between Japan and other countries around cultures or ideas over cosmetics.

# The reason why Japanese cosmetics are popular internationally 1: there have been almost no moisturizing lotions overseas.

There is something called “toner” overseas as a “lotion” or “skin-cleansing lotion”; but there are no “moisturizing” lotions like in Japan. The main objective of “toner” is to wipe out unnecessary ingredients after washing your face, which is actually a mere step to enhance the immersion of creams with a high moisturizing effect, a reason why lotions made in Japan are reputed.

# The reason why Japanese cosmetics are popular internationally 2: there have been almost no concepts as whitening for beauty.

There is no custom to bother using skincare products to whiten your skin in Europe and U.S. There is a tendency there that a bit tanned skin would signify your status to be able to go on a vacation; there are few women who use a sun-screening umbrella overseas, either. In turn, therefore, lotions aimed at “whitening for beauty of your skin” is probably deemed innovative overseas now.

# The reason why Japanese cosmetics are popular internationally 2: J of durability.


While Korean cosmetics are getting also popular, as the “Glamour” magazine in its U.K version has analyzed “K of immediate effect; J of durability”, Japanese products are famed as cosmetics for their “long-term use” to make your skin healthy with daily skincare practices, another possible reason of their popularity as such types have not yet been much developed overseas.


This document has explained the reasons why Japanese cosmetics are highly reputed internationally, too.

Without saying the primary reason why cosmetics made in Japan are popular is their quality and low price; but the recently surging popularity of Japanese lotions tells us that the cultural differences around cosmetics may be further backing it up.

In Japan, descriptions of cosmetics such as “making your skin moisturized but smooth or radiating” are often heard out on the street; on the other hand, they say that such senses can’t be so easily understood overseas. Skincare genres such as lotions or the discovery of Japanese peculiarity to “induce whitening for beauty of your skin through moisturizing” will likely get a huge attention overseas in the near future.



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