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With the development by our partner factory and production know-how, we cooperate with customer and make it into the product.

Receiving order and delivery
We are very open to any inquiry such as the improvement of existing product and new product launch.

1.Meeting / Scheme

Meeting / SchemePlease do not hesitate to contact us even if it is tiny thing that we are happy to support you for any process of manufacturing cosmetics such as product plan, research, development and design of package and container. By having the meeting or discussing with customer, we will propose a product and concept based on customer.

2.Trial product

Trial productCustomer can check the product until you get satisfied with it for impression of using and appearance of completed product. We will follow the check for stability so that customer use the product without any worries. For the one trial, we can provide 1 ~ 2 weeks if it is easy for manufacturing.


QuotationFirst we will submit the draft quotation. Once the specification such as formulation, package and design for the product is confirmed, we will submit the order quotation. And the order should be placed.

4.Material/Container inspection

Material/Container inspectionWe will firmly check whether the bulk and container is not incompatible. Also, we will judge from the various aspects based on the order quotation for request-matched container or the consistency of supplied container.

5.Material package and label design printing

Material package and label design printingOur laws and regulations staff receive the material design from the customer and check if there is any deviation in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law by the expression.


ManufactureTo provide more efficiently, we select the machine type by production item and production amount based on the content which is prescription design from the development. Also, for the raw material combination, we consider the manufacturing environment such as season and humidity and pay more attention to the temperature status, then manufacture the bulk. We don’t rely on the machine but judge by the expert’s eye and his/her experience, and also we use the equipment for pH so that we can establish an environment of making the product with stability.

7.Quality control

Quality controlFor the raw material and containers, we check the quality as soon as we receive them at the factory. Also at the manufacturing process, we inspect the quality twice or three times duplicated after manufacturing bulk so that we control the quality and keep the product secured, safe and high quality.

8.Filling and Finishing

Filling and FinishingThis is the final process. We fill in the bulk into the container after receiving from manufacturing dept. and print the lot and start packing to shrink package or cosmetic box and exterior box. Depending on the containers’ form and item, filling machines are selected for each and it corresponds to each cosmetic types. For the finishing, we take care of each cosmetic by our hands one by one and finishing experts check the completed products by their eyes and pack them one by one.


DeliveryBefore the delivery, we check the weight, label direction and box direction and see if it is ok to ship. OK product only can be shipped out by the requested delivery plan.

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